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Please note shipping to some international locations is currently limited this includes the EU and UK. Recently changes have been made to the collection and remittance of VAT. From my understanding the responsibility is now on the sender/seller. As these regulations are new to me I have halted shipping to these locations while I consult with a tax professional to make sure I am in compliance. I will make every effort to sort this out and have a 2nd listing for Advent in the fall as I know many have looked forward to participating in this years KAL.

2021 24-stripe Advent Skein

2021 will be the 4rd year I am dyeing up a 24-stripe Advent skein. This has gained a lot of popularity since I released the first skein in 2018 where 400 knitters participated. It has since grown to almost 1500 participants in 2020 and I am so excited to do it all again. Just like previous years you will be able to place a pre-order starting on July 25th.

2021 YOTM club

The YOTM club is back for a 6th year. This is a monthly club, each month members are shipped 1 skein of a brand new colourway.

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