The 2017 Cozy Knitter Sock-A-Thon


Ok you guys this is exciting! I absolutely love seeing your WIPs and FOs so I thought why not make a year long Sock-A-Thon out of it. Please join me for a year of knitting socks, chatter and fun prizes. We will inspire and cheer each other on as we try to reach our individual sock knitting goals for the year and at the end we will have a collection of cozy socks.


  • Hand knit a pair of socks in any The Cozy Knitter colourway. This must be an adult sized pair of socks including a toe, foot, heel, leg (min 2.5 in) and cuff

  • In The Cozy Knitter Ravelry group there is a Master Sock-A-Thon sign-up thread, this thread is no chatter. Each participant should create ONE post in this thread and update that same post for EACH pair of socks they cast on with a photo of the skein of yarn they will be using

  • You can cast on a pair of socks in any month and cast them off in any month

  • If you are on Instagram use #2017CozyKnitterSockathon to share your cast ons, WIPs, FOs etc.

There is also monthly threads in the Ravelry group. A new thread is started the 1st of every month and closed on the 1st of the following month. Prizes will be awarded monthly and at the end of the sock-a-thon.

  • To qualify for the monthly prizes enter each pair of socks you finish into that months thread by posting a photo of the finished socks

  • To qualify for an Instagram drawing post a photo of your Sock-A-Thon project using #2017CozyKnitterSockathon all posts will qualify for all draws occurring after the date on which you posted ... more chances to win! You can enter cast-ons, WIPs, FOs

  • The year-end Sock-A-Thon prize: every month when we close the previous months thread and start a new one I will post a leader board in the first post. This board will be a tally of how many pairs each participant has entered to date.


  • At the end of every month I will randomly choose one entry from that months thread, the winner will receive a 50% off coupon for any one skein of The Cozy Knitter yarn

  • I will also randomly choose posts tagged with #2017CozyKnitterSockathon on Instagram throughout the year for surprise prizes ... just for fun!

  • At the end of 2017 the Top 10 will win the Sock-A-Thon prize - a skein of yarn in an exclusive colourway dyed specifically for the Sock-A-Thon