My first memories of knitting was sitting in my grandmother's livingroom watching her knit squares, those squares would turn into blankets over time. I still remember the one she made me, it had one square where she had run out of yarn and joined in a 2nd colour for the last 10ish rows. This was my favorite, it was knit in a shiny yarn light blue. I would have been only 5 or 6 at the time. We would sit opposite of one another in each our lounge chair. She would have the cup of much too strong coffee (which she let me brew for her) sitting on the coffee table between us. It was during one of these visits I accidentally cast-on my first project and the rest as they say is history.

I’ve been knitting for many years now, it is something I have in common with both of my grandmothers as well as my mother. When my boys were born I made them each their own blanket. The first two received crochet blankets, baby boy #3 was the first to receive a knit blanket. It was knit in aran weight Mission Falls 1824 Wool, it was amazing to work with and made such a beautiful blanket to wrap my little early spring baby in.


This was one of my early lace projects but I was so proud of this blanket and it is what brought me to love lace and chart knitting. Though I now tend to knit mostly in fingering weight and continue to be amazed at the difference blocking makes. Is there anything better than seeing the pattern open up and truly seeing the beauty of something you have hand knit?

While life has gotten a lot busier with now 5 little boys I still find time to knit, quite often it is for the boys. Though whenever I get a request to knit something pink I jump at the chance.

In 2014 I opened up my first online shop on Etsy, it served as a great starting point and really helped me launch my business. In 2015 I started dyeing my own self-striping yarn and I am amazed at how quickly my business has grown. I am so grateful to have a business that allows me to work from home and is flexible so I can spend more time with my kids.

You can find me online: Ravelry, Instagram, Facebook and I co-host the Dye Another Day Podcast